FCA contacts relevant trade associations about a feedback survey

October 2021

The FCA has written to certain trade associations including, we understand, the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) in relation to a feedback survey that are planning to issue about the FCA’s series of COVID-19 Impact Surveys (sometimes referred to as the financial resilience surveys).  The resilience surveys were first issued to ‘tranche 1’ in June 2020 and then to ‘tranche 2’ in August 2020.  The resilience surveys have been re-issued four further times to both tranches.  Rather than issuing a further resilience survey now, the FCA will instead issue a “short feedback survey”, and will then re-issue another round of resilience surveys early next year.

Please note the content of the FCA’s communication, as above, and perhaps take the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to the FCA if you receive the feedback  survey.

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