FCA publishes a new ‘Preparing your firm’s wind-down plan’ web page

March 4, 2024

The FCA has published a new page on its website providing guidance about preparing your firm’s wind-down plan.  Wind-down plans help firms exit the market in an orderly manner if their business is no longer viable.  The web page makes reference to the Wind Down Planning Guide chapter in the FCA’s Handbook and its finalised guidance on assessing adequate financial resources.

The web page discusses:

  • when firms need to prepare a wind-down plan;
  • what firms need to do to prepare a wind-down plan;
  • how to prepare a wind-down plan (setting out the FCA’s view on key components);
  • planning for a wind-down (including scenarios for your wind-down plan); and
  • the resources you will need in a wind-down scenario (financial and non-financial).

UKGI has an Orderly Wind-Down Plan template (CORE32) and a Business Continuity Planning Guide (CORE08) on the UKGI online Compliance Manual.

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