Getting FCA Authorised

Making errors in your application process could delay your receiving FCA authorisation by as much as six months – such a delay can have very serious consequences for a new business.
Using the ICS authorisation service means we’ll take you through the process of authorisation from completion of forms and supporting documentation to setting up required systems and controls; we’ll not only help to ensure that everything is completed as quickly as possible but we’ll make sure you avoid any errors which might delay the authorisation process.

If you’re thinking of applying for FCA authorisation and you would like information about how ICS can help, please call us on 01892 539600 or email enquiries to us at:

Our getting authorised service includes:

ICS has considerable experience of helping firms prepare and apply for authorisation. So, whether you are a new business start up or an experienced broker striking out on your own for the first time, we think you’ll find the ICS authorisation service of real help.

We know from experience, that brokers can feel overwhelmed by the mountain of rules and regulation and FCA terminology.  So our aim is to strip away the jargon and take you through the set up process step by step.  We’ll break down the issues into small manageable stages to make it as simple and speedy as possible, giving you more time to devote to the raft of other issues involved in setting up a new business.

The ICS getting authorised service also covers application for Approved Person status and the setting up of all relevant processes and procedures including a compliance manual.  If you require training for staff we can provide that too.

Once you’re set up and trading, using the our ongoing support services, means that ICS can still be on hand to provide advice and assistance and you’ll be able to call on the services of your local compliance consultant to discuss any issues which arise.