Full Service

Most of our clients choose the ongoing support delivered by our full service which gives unlimited access to a locally-based, dedicated compliance consultant.  Because we believe in developing long-term relationships our consultants really get to know their clients’ businesses which makes the advice and assistance they provide both practical and relevant.

 For more information about the ICS service call us on 01892 539600 or email enquiries to us at: admin@insurancecompliance.co.uk

Our full service includes:

Initial Review Meeting
The very first thing we do is arrange for a client’s consultant to visit them; your consultant will sit down with you and other staff as appropriate for a frank, ‘warts and all’, discussion about the compliance health of your business, including an overview of documentation. The purpose is to identify any priorities or concerns and to establish how best ICS can help.

Your Compliance Consultant
The lynch-pin of the ICS compliance support service is your consultant. The ICS full service includes the support of a dedicated, locally-based consultant who will visit your business and act as your helpline to give you one to one advice specific to your particular circumstances.

Because our approach is to develop long-term relationships, your consultant will have the time and opportunity to get to know you and your business very well indeed.  Which means their advice will be relevant and they will offer practical solutions, appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Consultant Visits
The service includes regular compliance support visits (a minimum of four a year) by your consultant.  The purpose of the visits is usually agreed in advance between you and your consultant and the time can be used as best meets your compliance needs.  Sometimes this might mean a formal audit with a written report and action plan; it might mean help putting together a compliance manual or specific procedures; it could be assistance with training staff or conducting file reviews or help with completing an RMAR or your compliance monitoring plan – essentially it’s a question of using the time to best effect.

Access to the ICS Online Manual and Supporting Documentation
ICS’s comprehensive compliance website includes an online manual providing practical advice and guidance, supported by an extensive library of downloadable documents, forms and templates. There is a handy search facility so you can find what you need quickly and easily and the system links FAQs and updates directly to relevant sections of the manual, so it is easy for you to access additional help and information.

The website includes a library of current and past compliance updates (our Hot TopICS publications) and the most recent industry round ups (Stop Press); there’s also a glossary, a collection of our most frequently asked questions, useful links, etc.  For a preview of the site click here and log in using demo as the user name and password; this will give you access to one section of the website (section 6 Reporting to the FCA) as a taster.

Compliance Updates – Hot TopICS
ICS constantly reviews FCA announcements and publications, sifting out those which are not applicable to clients.  We then send relevant updates as a Hot TopICS which includes an explanation of the implications for clients plus a list of any actions which might be required.  As well as FCA developments, Hot TopICS can also cover issues which ICS has come across in its work with clients and any other matters of regulatory importance.  A library of Hot TopICS is kept on the ICS compliance website and Hot TopICS are linked to relevant sections of the compliance manual for ease of reference.

Market Intelligence – Stop Press
To keep you up to date – issued by email on a regular basis our “Stop Press” publication is a quick and easy digest of recent news and developments around general insurance regulation.  “Stop Press” is a valuable source of compliance information for clients.