APCC Members

Integrity, competence, standards, reputation – these are the characteristics which the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants, (APCC) expects of a professional compliance consultancy – and it’s why ICS is proud to be an accredited member.

For more information about how ICS can help your business meet its regulatory obligations please call us on 01892 539600 or email enquiries to us at: enquiries@insurancecompliance.co.uk

The APCC is recognised by the FCA as the trade body for those compliance consultants who advise firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK; it is the only nationwide association of compliance consultancy firms in the UK.

The APCC has established a framework of Professional Standards which sets out best practice guidance for compliance consultants; all APCC members are subject to these standards.  It’s a framework which ICS supports wholeheartedly because we believe that driving up standards is in the best interests of both consultants and their clients.

As well as helping to support high standards of professionalism, the APCC also maintains a regular dialogue with the FCA, representing the views of consultants and, by extension, their clients.

Click here to see a copy of the APCC’s code of ethics.