Undertaking CPD during the pandemic

June 2020

Ensuring staff continue with their training now means that when they return to work, they are able to use any new or refreshed knowledge and skills to advance the success of the business at a time when it needs it most. Additional benefits for staff include them remaining engaged with the business, minimum CPD requirements have been achieved and staff have the opportunity (arguably more time) to consider their own development etc

The FCA has reinforced that they expect most individuals to be able to continue CPD, even whilst working from home or on furlough although it recognises that some individuals may struggle.

The Regulator will temporarily allow individuals, in ‘exceptional’ circumstances, to carry over any uncompleted CPD hours to the next CPD year. To see the FCA guidance and clarification in relation to exceptional circumstances and records firms should keep  click here.

In addition to technical knowledge such as product details, claims handling and regulatory topics of course, online learning has always been useful for providing skills-based training. There are a wide variety of learning sessions for areas such as:

There is evidence to suggest that a large number of firms are making business related courses available to staff as well as subjects such as resilience training, physical exercise and wider welfare courses for staff wellbeing.

We recommend that firms:

Further information

The ICS ELearning platform contains over 200 compliance, insurance and business skills courses and video clips and a free trial is available by contacting admin@insurancecompliance.co.uk

Other options include:


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