Not only are the FCA’s training and competence requirements a fundamental plank of regulation, but many a successful business will testify to the value of developing and improving staff. So, in response to the need for firms to have access to cost-effective and flexible training programmes, ICS, in conjunction with Marlborough Training & Consultancy, has developed an E-learning facility which caters for needs of insurance personnel.

The FCA has set out new Training and Competence rules for general insurance distributors – which includes all insurance intermediaries – to meet the professional requirements of the Insurance Mediation Directive. All employees who are directly involved in carrying out the firm’s insurance distribution activities, those responsible for the supervision of such employees and those within the management structure with responsibility for the firm’s insurance distribution activities must possesses (or acquire) appropriate knowledge and ability in order to complete their tasks and perform their duties adequately. In addition they must undertake a minimum of 15 Hours CPD annually. CPD activity must be suitably recorded in respect of each individual.

The ICS E-learning facility provides easy access to over 200 compliance, insurance and business skills courses and video clips available on PC and most mobile devices. E-learning is entirely online, very cost-effective and highly flexible; employers can set the pace of learning to suit both staff and business needs and no time and money is wasted in staff travelling.

The system automatically creates individual CPD records and evidence of any external CPD activities can be added manually. Managers and supervisors are able not only to set learning plans for staff members or groups of staff but also to monitor the progress of individuals and schedule regular reports.

The courses and other on-line content has been carefully planned and developed to support technical, compliance and business skills. Examples of available courses include:

Commercial Property Insurance
Household Insurance
Liability Insurance
Motor Insurance
London Market
Client Money
Compliant Handling
The Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook (ICOBS)
Treating Customers Fairly
Bribery Act & Financial Crime
Data Protection & Security
Business Development
IT Skills
Financial Reporting

Online certification option
A bespoke E-learning system tailored to your firm’s own requirements. Marlborough sets up the system with the firm’s own logos, messages and reminders for learners and reports for managers. The benefits of online certification are outlined in this presentation. Certification ICS

For more information about our E-learning facilities please call us on 01892 539600 or email enquiries to us at: admin@insurancecompliance.co.uk

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