Not only is the FCA’s training and competence sourcebook a fundamental plank of regulation, but many a successful business will testify to the value of developing and improving staff.  So, in response to the need for firms to have access to cost-effective and flexible training programmes, ICS, in conjunction with Marlborough Training & Consultancy, has developed the E-learning system.  To access the E-Learning system click HERE

For more information about our E-learning facilities please call us on 01892 539600 or email enquiries to us at: admin@insurancecompliance.co.uk

E-learning is completely online, very cost-effective and highly flexible; employers can set the pace of learning to suit both staff and business needs and no time and money is wasted in staff travelling because they learn completely onsite.

The programme has been carefully planned and developed to support CPD in both technical and compliance subjects.  It also covers personal development, including a range of people management courses, helping your staff to develop the skills necessary for competent supervision.  In all over 120 online courses are available from marine and aviation insurance to team building.

The system provides administrative support, including retention of all training records – existing training records can also be transferred from other systems to give you a fully integrated archive.

All course material has been developed and produced specifically for insurance brokers and their staff and, among other topics, includes the following:

Technical Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance
Household and PA Insurance
Liability Insurance
Motor Insurance
Compliance & Regulatory

Client Money
Contract Certainty
Approved Persons
The Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook (ICOBS)
Treating Customers Fairly
Bribery Act & Financial Crime
Data Protection & Security
Business & Management

Self Development
Business Development
Business Management
Financial Awareness
Legal Knowledge
People Management